What is the PSCW?

The Philadelphia Stage Combat Workshop, affectionately known as the ‘Cheesesteak’ is an official SAFD-sanctioned regional workshop that has been held annually since 1999.  Originally a two-day weekend affair, several years ago specialty Friday workshops began to be offered, focusing on more historically accurate styles of combat.

When is the workshop being held?

In 2020, the PSCW will take place virtually via Zoom on Oct 31st & Nov 1st.

For more information on the Zoom platform, check out our Zoom FAQ

How much does it cost?

For the 2020 virtual workshop, the base cost is $50 for 1 day and $80 for both days, with the option to pay $15 per class if you want to pay A La Carte. We will also have a select number of "tuitions" available on a sliding scale, as well as the option for someone who may be in a position to help others financially take advantage of training opportunities to donate to a Pay It Forward scholarship.


We are currently working on logistics of signing up for the Pay It Forward scholarship. We will put more information about the sign up when it becomes available. 


There is an option for SAFD/Union discounts, but they can only be applied to full cost tutions for either one day attendance or both day attendance. 

What does my tuition cover?

Workshop tuition covers a full weekend of classes taught by some of the best instructors of theatrical violence from around the world. In a virtual setting, we are working to provide you with other opportunities not typically available to us in an in person workshop. More details to come. 

Can I show up unregistered?

Because of the virtual setting this year, we will only be able to accept registrations up until 11:59pm Friday Oct 30th. 


Do I need previous experience?

No!  Everybody of every skill level is welcome at the PSCW.  There will be plenty of options for all levels of students, from those who have never studied stage combat before to Advanced Actor/Combatants.


What’s the schedule like?

The day will begin with a 9:00AM (EST) warm-up and two class periods from 9:30-12, Lunch 12-1, and two more class periods from 1-5pm.

What if I get hurt while participating in this workshop?

All students will be asked to complete an Emergency Contact form. Because of the distance and virtual nature of what we are doing, we will not be able to directly help. By providing us an Emergency Contact that is close to where you are located, should our class monitors see any injury happen on camera, they will be able to call someone in your area to come to your aid.


What if someone I live with wants to participate in a class with me virtually?

We will need a payment, registrations and release/waivers from everyone who wants to participate in a class for liability coverage. If you need assistance coordinating this, please contact Philascw@gmail.com and we can work with you to make this possible. 


Is there an age minimum to register for this workshop? 

You need to be minimum 16 years of age to participate in any workshop. Anyone under the age of 18 will need to have a parent or guardian complete waivers and releases

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What’s the class schedule like?

Each class period will see three to four different classes offered, in various disciples at various skill levels from basic to advanced. Each class will be no longer than an hour and 15 mins in length.  The classes will be a variety of Lecture, on-your-feet technique drills, and solo concept exploration exercises.

Do I need to bring weapons?

In a virtual setting, we will provide a list of items that you will need to have or find a substitute for when it comes to any on your feet types of classes. 

Can I get some weapons?

Yes! In the virtual setting we are working in this year, we will be having several vendor spotlights and opportunities to learn about their wares and how to purchase from them.

Do you offer Skills Proficiency Renewals?

Unfortunately for the 2020 year, we will not be able to offer any sort of Skills Proficiency Renewals. 


Who can I contact to ask more questions?

Please direct all inquiries to philascw@gmail.com