The Grand Melee

At the end of the first day of the PSCW, there is a special event: all the staff and students come together to collectively put together our Grand Melee.  

Each year, we interpret a famous battle from history or literature, and in less than two hours put together a massive, sprawling piece of theatrical combat.  This year we are excited to announce the event will be...

the ultimate virtual fight chain​​

Since we can't get together to beat each other up in person, we are getting anyone who registers to be part of a giant social distance fight chain! When you register, you will receive a number and info on what to should film if you want to be included in the chain.


For more info on how the Ultimate Fight Chain will work, CLICK HERE

2018 Melee: Robin Hood's Rescue!

The Melee has been running at the

PSCW every year for the last decade.  


Past featured battles include:

  • The Massacre at Paris

  • Pelennor Fields

  • Thermopylae

  • Musketeers vs the Cardinal's Guard 

  • Jets vs Sharks

  • Blackbeard's Fall

  • The Burning of Londinium

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