2020's Historical Combat workshop: 


For 2020, we will be organizing a VIRTUAL FIGHT CHAIN! 

You may have seen virtual fight chain videos before - each person in the chain reacts to one attack from the camera, then throws another one back! The next person reacts to that attack, throws a new one, and so on and so forth.

How does it work?  Click here for a summary! 

You will recieve specific instructions on what to do for your link of chain once you register. 


2019's Historical Combat workshop: 

Armored combat

Seek the Openings: Armored Combat with Spear, Sword, and Dagger

with Jess Finley

Defeating well-made armor is a tricky requirement, especially as time passes and armor becomes more effective at covering openings in the opponent. Wearing armor and fighting in it has it’s own challenges, particularly to breath and sight. So how do we overcome someone who is so well protected? In this workshop we will study the application of fight principles to an armored combatant.  We will explore how wearing a full suit of armor changes our movement patterns and how to defeat that armor when presented with it by forcing our opponent to provide us with an opening to be exploited. We’ll begin with spear and sword, and then explore how to close distance safely in order to come to a position where victory can be achieved with the dagger.

2018's Historical Combat workshop: Capo Ferro

Jared Kirby - Friday Class.png

2017's Historical Combat workshop: Sword & Buckler

In 2017, we were extremely pleased to have Fight Master Todd Campbell of Fight Directors Canada on hand to share his insights into sword and buckler and his interpretations of Ms I:33

From Todd himself: 

The Royal Armories Ms. I.33, also known as the Tower Fechtbuch, is the oldest surviving European martial arts treatise known to exist. In its often cryptic pages are depicted a very sophisticated method of fighting with a sword and buckler. In the various plates and their accompanying text we see a Priest giving a lesson to his Scholar on advanced techniques for dealing with the ‘common’ sword and buckler fencer.